Jennifer, Heather and Jennifer’s daughter Francesca (the inspiration for our Kid’s line!).


We are Jennifer and Heather…sisters, best friends and co-founders of The Fifth Element NYC.


We are born and raised New Yorkers whose parents always made sure that there was a balance of the fantastic energy and culture of the city and an appreciation and immersion in nature.  Our Mom was an educator and our Dad was an artist and together they  tried to show us all the beauty this amazing world has to teach us!  Our company is a reflection of our electric upbringing and of our continued personal experiences.


We believe that the Fifth Element is the ether, the “spark,” the human element.  Through our business, we create a space where people can find items that support the Fifth Element and make them feel good!  Basically, we made all of our likes and hobbies into our business…because as Confucius said,  if you “Choose a job you love, you will never work a day in your life.”


We believe that by surrounding ourselves with beauty and with clothes of high vibration and integrity, and powerful crystals or any items that reflect who we are and who we work towards being, we can stay on our path and continue to grow and enjoy life each day!


We are also really excited to share our 5E Giving Program.  We have partnered with four organizations, one representing each of the four basic elements, to donate 10% of all sales as a way to give back!  Please take a look at our 5E Giving page to learn more about these amazing groups and please note that 10% of your purchase will be divided amongst the four organizations unless you state otherwise and pick a specific group, which you can do at checkout! Check them out here!


You can find us here on the web and at various events as well – please see our schedule for where we will be…hopefully somewhere near you!


Thank you for visiting our site and for shopping with The Fifth Element NYC!

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